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Structural Geology Translators & Interpreters in over 180 languages and dialects

Professional Structural Geology Translation & Interpreting Services

It is very important that an interpreter understands the terminology associated with Structural Geology due to the scientific and specific nature of its concerns. Of prime importance in economic, mining and petroleum geologies, it is the study of the deformation and strain of rocks to determine the history and ‘stress fields’ of particular regions. This information is then used to outline the patterns and evolutions of a landscape with regards to geological aspects like mountains, volcanoes and tectonic plate movements. Using their findings, structural geologists, like petrologists, are able to identify deposits of petroleum and natural gas that have become trapped inside rock strata – discoveries of utmost significance in an age of dwindling fossil fuels and growing energy quotas.

These complex, fractured and faulted rock and mineral structures also become the home for precious metal ore including gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc, as well as many metals making the expertise of structural geologists essential to business, industry and manufacturing. Folds and shifts in rock bodies may also affect the stability of structures like dams, roads and mines and the expert advice of structural geologists in may be required during civil construction projects. Geotechnical risk, including earthquake risk can only be investigated by inspecting a combination of structural geology and geomorphology. Underground caverns and groundwater flow may also cause problems and environmental geologists and hydrogeologists or hydrologists may need to be consulted.

In many of these cases, the assistance of an interpreter may be required to ensure effective communication between parties, particularly regarding topics of international interest like the location and extraction of fossil fuel deposits and the sourcing of rare raw materials for manufacturing purposes. Professional Translation Services Company prides itself on providing interpreters of the highest standard, often with a background or qualification in the field. Our large network of translators and interpreters built up over 25 years, means we can find the best suited and most experienced interpreter for your requirements, resulting in fluent, precise and reliable interpreting whatever the context.

As a follow-up assistance, we are also happy to help you with any email TransIation Services you might require including for academic journals and research papers in the field of Earth Sciences.

Our Structural Geology Translation and Interpreting services cover areas such as:

Kinematics Stress Fields Deformation Conventions
Rock Macro-Structures Rock Microstructures Plate Tectonics
Anticline Geological Data Geoscientist Stratigraphic Mapping
Structural Mapping Surficial Mapping Syclines
Topographic Mapping Research & Publications Conferences


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