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Plant Science Translators & Interpreters for over 180 Languages and Dialects

Image and video hosting by TinyPicFundamentally, plant science, or botany, is the study of plant life. Although an ancient discipline, its modern applications are broad and complex. 20th century developments have involved the genetic modification of plants to synthesise pesticides, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals as well as to achieve higher crop yields and adapt crops so that they are able to last longer and withstand periods of transit. Botanical research is also concerned with horticulture, agriculture and agroforestry, forestry, plant propagation, breeding and genetic modification as well as the synthesis of chemicals and raw materials for energy production. Experts in the field also work in environmental management, bioremediation and the maintenance of biodiversity. Research institutions from all over the world involved in making advances in this branch of biology must be able to work together, while businesses and organisations require the advice of experts when it comes to scientific developments which could improve their products and services. To achieve such interdisciplinary and international communication, the services of specialist interpreters and translators may be required.

Over the past 25 years, Professional Translation has created a vast an extensive network expert translators and interpreters to fit our customers’ needs. Our qualified and expereienced translators and interpreters have an in-depth knowledge of the scientific terminology and processes associated with plant science ensuring smooth and precise communication in this vitally important field whatever your document. 

Some examples of the related areas for which we can provide translators and interpreters:




Organic Chemical Analysis









Plant genetics





Optical Microscopy


Molecular Biology

Genetically Modified crops

Live Cell Imaging

Electron Microscopy


Plant Chemistry


Cellular Interations

Environmental Interactions


Plant Morphology

Plant Propagation


Molecular Genetic Analysis

Molecular and Cell Biology





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